Code of Ethics
To establish and maintain confidence in the integrity and professionalism of residential
property owners and those affiliated with the residential rental property industry, we, the
members of this Association, hereby adopt this Code of Ethics. Having united ourselves
for the purposes of improving the services and conditions of the residential rental
industry, and being ever mindful of our obligations to observe all regulations governing
our industry and the free enterprise system, we pledge to:

1. Give equal consideration to all housing applicants.

2. Be aware of the power the owner exerts over a tenant’s life in providing housing and
utilize that power judiciously. Uphold the principle that each resident’s home is their
private domain to enjoy.

3. Discourage and not knowingly permit any activities which are illegal or injurious to the
community, and to actively participate and support the betterment of the community.

4. Conduct business in a forthright and ethical manner, comply with Federal, State and
Local Laws governing the residential rental housing industry and adhere to the terms of
the Washington State Landlord Tenant Act.

5. Adhere to the principles of the “Free Enterprise” system, and believe that the system
requires investment, risk, labor, and effort of a superior quality, and that we have the
right to make an independent and fair determination of the value of our product. We
respect the right of our colleagues to make their own value determinations.

6. Become and remain informed on laws and matters affecting the residential rental
industry so as to contribute responsibly to the community and our Association.

7. Adhere to the principle of cooperation and honesty among the members of this
association so as to further the interests of all members.

We believe that it is the duty of each member to conduct their business in accordance
with this Code of Ethics.